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MotoSatria But about the expensive price for average output Kawasaki motorcycle, it seems the market was beginning to understand why Kawasaki set a high price for Reviews their variants especially for motor sport. This is obvious Because they are offering qualified specifications. Just look cubication and engine capacity offered by Kawasaki, all the average is the result of high-quality processed. There is no way the price. Here it seems Appropriate slogan to describe how the Kawasaki was present as the main contenders for the mill motor sport to another. Price Kawasaki Ninja R commensurate with other 4 stroke motor sport markets finally understand what the make quality brought by this 2-stroke motors.

Before looking at the specifications of this motorcycle, we better see what kind of trip Kawasaki Ninja R, especially in Indonesia. Initially Ninja R manufactured by IMA (Kawasaki Motor Indonesia) as a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 150 cc. Did not expect that it will get a warm welcome from his fans in Indonesia, KMI attempt a sales strategy next 7 years. Price Kawasaki Ninja R even more uphill with the presence of a motorcycle built up from Thailand that have specifications more qualified than the previous version. Strangely, Although the price is pretty good, bike lovers even more eager to have an iron mounts this one. harga motor satria f150

Kawasaki Ninja R Eventually Becomes the identity of the owner of the motorcycle quickly intervening and sporty in Indonesia. In fact, this bike had Become an icon of the upper middle class in Indonesia. In the 2000s, people who have a Ninja R almost certainly come from the upper class. No wonder there is a motorcycle 2 Also had Become an icon that is synonymous with prestige person. In Reviews those days, there are people who buy this Ninja motorcycle Because it has a penchant with fast motors. However, there are Also people who choose it for prestige. Ninja R increasingly popular Because at that time there has been no commensurate qualified class rivals.

Interestingly, even though so many motor sport motorcycle produced by other manufacturers such as Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki, Kawasaki Ninja R it still has its own market. Even up to 2015, Kawasaki still producing new variants of Ninja R. Unlike some other manufacturer's motor sport from experiencing discontinue production. If the calculated until 2015, then Ninja R has lasted nearly 20 years submarine was in the Indonesian market. It needs to be Noted, however, is already producing its own Kawasaki sport bike admirably with 4 stroke engines. However, this does not make Ninja R then abandoned. Ninja R the which is actually carrying 150 cc 2-stroke engine does not make consumers forget it Because the price is are relatively more economical price than other Kawasaki motor sport.

Now, it helps us look at the specifications of this variant in terms of both the engine and the body. Ninja R has a weight of 124.5 kg. The weights are calculated when empty without fuel. When coupled with fuel, then Depending on how many liters dikantonginya. For the full tank capacity is 10.8 liters. Price Kawasaki Ninja R is high enough can be understood Because The engine has a speed of 6 speed combined with 2-stroke engine with crankcase models Reedvalve, Super Kips and HSAS. With such a machine specification, the engine can generate power of 10,500 rpm with a maximum torque is 9,000 rpm.

Another thing that is excess Ninja motorcycle from the beginning is the rear suspension has been used monoshock. This system, Instant confirmation has not been used by motors that are marketed to consumers highway users. More recently, many Eventually motor sport with monoshock suspension. The more remarkable both rear and front brakes are all equipped with disc brake disc brake alias. The brakes will certainly Ensure the safety of users of the Kawasaki Ninja R ticularly when they drove in a fairly high speed. For terms of body, this variant was designed with the distance between the wheels along the 1,305 mm at a distance of 145 mm motors to the ground.
Price Kawasaki Ninja R in the Indonesian market ranged between USD 27-29 million. But if you look at the official website, the price is certainly in the range of USD 27.9 million. Of course the price is high for a motorcycle that is still carrying a 2-stroke engines. But somehow, Reviews These high prices do not Deter and fans to keep Reviews their favorite mounts propose this. However, you must Consider a few things before actually bringing home motor sport this one.

The only drawback Ninja R is for engines that still use 2-stroke system. Tus, the pollution produced too much. Meanwhile, fuel consumption on a Kawasaki Ninja R IS ALSO quite Wasteful. Ultimately this makes people prefer to switch to 4-stroke motor sport more efficient and affordable. Another thing you need to Consider is the resale price plummeted. If indeed you do not plan to have it in the long term, it is better you put it off because of the resale price of this bike down very much. In the market of used motorcycle Ninja R event stands at less than 10 million. motor satia f 150

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