Kamis, 01 Oktober 2015


Aya pity with neighbors at the time of the morning blind already dibopong her mother to the car to leave for school. Call it the little girl's name is Anna. His parentsare very concern with the education of his son until he was educated at a nice place.But unfortunately, the distance from home and the school far enough. As a resultAnna is still in a State of half conscious when her mother put it to the car.

Although I have yet to have children, but it seemed I could not bear to see childrennodding off like that every day. Will it see a cheerful and joyful moment go school.Hmmm .... turns out it is important to mempertimbangan school facilities when buying a home. Noted.

Therefore, when Summarecon Bekasi through collection of Emak Bloggers open anopportunity for the bloggers follow One Day with Blogger 2015 which will discussregarding school facilities in Bekasi Summarecon. I don't think many-many directlyjoin the register. Will definitely be a lot of knowledge I would be.

I was one of the lucky ones because elected to attend the event, which took place in the Plaza Summarecon on 22 August yesterday. Because my home is close to the SCENE and I was really familiar with Summarecon Bekasi, Bekasi, Summarecon Mall I finally decided to go directly to Summarecon Bekasi, without the need to join thetroupe of FX Sudirman.

I came just in time. The other bloggers who have first come. After replacing the "One Day Tour 2015", representatives from Bekasi, Summarecon Fifi Alviano, representativesfrom schools at Summarecon Bekasi, Al Azhar Islamic school, Christian school Sower, and Bina Nusantara University, was ready with the presentation of each.

SummareconBekasi seems very committed to providing the best educational facilitiesfor the inhabitants and also people in the vicinity. Currently in the area of BekasiSummarecon there are two existing schools, namely the school of Al Azhar Islamicand Christian school the sower. Binus University development soon followed.

already know about Al Azhar Islamic school. Schools that provide quality assurance as well as excellent facilities for students. The reputation and credibility of Al AzharIslamic school has already proven to spawn the next generation of quality andcharacter of the nation.

It was presented by a representative from Al Azhar Islamic school. Al Azhar is alreadyestablished since November 26, 2013 at Summarecon Bekasi. In the initial stage of Al Azhar has only 1 building of five floors with one basement floor one floor and roof.Only secondary and high school, each consisting of 4 classes opened at that time.

On August 26, 2015, Al Azhar University inaugurated the construction of stage 2. Al Azhar officially opened Almaty Summarecon secondary elementary, junior high, and high school. In the year 2015, the number of classes and students of Al Azharincreased, totalling 500 high school students are accommodated in 14 classes of JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL students, totalling 392 are accommodated in the 12th grade,and 72 elementary school (grade 1) are accommodated in 3 classes.

No matter all the bloggers were invited to see firsthand the building with modernfacilities. Each class room has air conditioner and the LCD itself. To support teaching-learning activities, Al Azhar Summarecon Bekasi provides a variety of facilities ranging from a laboratory, language laboratory, computer, music, biology, physics, andchemistry.

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